Anthrax Members Scott Ian and Charlie Benante Play ‘To Fight ‘Em or Not to Fight ‘Em?’

Anthrax‘s “Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t” is about killing off zombies as a hoard attempts to make a meal of your brains. During guitarist Scott Ian and drummer Charlie Benante‘s visit to our studio, we wanted to know what else they would fight, so we threw a bunch of stuff into our skull bowl and let the boys riff.

Scott and Charlie got to chat about things they both love and hate during our ‘To Fight ‘Em or Not to Fight ‘Em?’ segment beginning with airports, one of which they had been through that very morning! you’ll find out one of Scott Ian’s pet peeves, which he calls “disgusting.”

We all know Anthrax love themselves some Walking Dead, so things got entertaining when they picked Norman Reedus’ name out of the skull. The duo also spoke about their thoughts on Breaking Bad.

As proud New Yorkers, Anthrax got to speak out on former Yankee star Alex Rodriguez. You won’t want to miss the rant on him!

Check out ‘To Fight ‘Em or Not to Fight ‘Em’ above!

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