Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Suffers Brief Recording Setback Due to Throat Infection

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

Killswitch Engage are working on new music at the moment, but will have to give vocalist Jesse Leach a little time to recover before continuing. The singer revealed via his Instagram account that he’s had a little setback as he recently noticed some blood coming from his mouth during the band’s last tour and spotted some white splotches when take a closer look at his throat in the mirror.

According to the vocalist, he went to the doctor and learned that he’s got strep throat and that there are some swollen folds around his vocal area. His post about his doctor’s visit can be read and viewed below:

Well now that is over with and I am sighing for relief, here is one of the issues. This is my throat (top) and vocal folds (bottom…yes it looks like something else, we all see it). I have had a bit of blood come out of my mouth on the last tour, that freaked me out. Also as of yesterday I felt physically off and my throat was feeling irritated. I looked in the mirror with a light and saw the white splotches and kind of freaked. Mind you I am aware white splotches usually mean an infection, but I can not help thinking the worse when it comes to my voice (as it is super important to my life)! So it contributed to an already mentally and physically off day yesterday! Turns out is is strep throat with some swollen folds. Im on the appropriate medications and will only have a one day set back for recording! Very thankful for my doctor who is the man! #DrScottKessler this guy has been my doctor for over a decade and has saved me many times from potential damage and sickness! Feeling a great deal better knowing what’s going on! I’m not sorry for sharing these gross photos ha ha! Peace everyone, keep on the grind!

As stated, Leach will have to briefly step away from the band’s work on new music. But luckily, there’s also a significant break before they return to the stage again. The band will resume touring in November. Check out all of their dates here.

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