Italian post-metal quartet Judas The Dancer are proud to release a cover video of Faith No More’s “Digging The Grave,” directed by Eklipse Media. The cover is also featured on the band’s upcoming EP titled Post Pop Violence.

<iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/DaVjF-Eva3g” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Asked about the inspiration behind choosing “Digging The Grave” for a cover video, the band commented: “We chose ‘Digging The Grave’ the day we heard Faith No More‘s ‘Motherfucker’ because we felt it was time to give a tribute to one of the greatest band of all time. About the video, our friend Davide Cilloni (Eklipse Media) was in Italy and he wrote us “hey, I’m gonna be back in Australia soon… Wanna do some metal together?!” At that time we had no idea or script for any videos and we were still mixing the album so the idea was “let’s give him total freedom and just enjoy the metal” and so we did…

The band also stated that Faith No More is one of their biggest inspirations. “Faith No More is one of our biggest inspiration, in music “of course” as in the mood: the totally did whatever they wanted talking about genre but never forgot to let the people have fun and enjoy the music.

Nowadays lots of bands crush their heads against walls trying to be “interesting”, “innovative” or too much complicated and they just forget the point: music is ma de by the people for the people. Make your own sound, write cool songs but let the people understand you and enjoy your music all together. Faith No More always understood this. Judas The Dancer wants to learn the lesson since time changes, the power of music don’t.

The band has previously released a lyric video for the song “Talking Heads Maradona,” and it’s planned to release final, third video for the self-titled song from the “Post Pop Violence” on June 20th.

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