Gojira to Release New Album in Spring 2016

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YES!!! Gojira will be returning with a brand new album in spring 2016!

It’s been the better part of a year since Gojira returned to the studio, but the wait will finally be over this spring. In a new clip posted by the French metal band, a mashup of live and studio footage announces the coming of Gojira’s sixth full-length effort.

Last summer, Gojira had put together a ton of new songs, but under further evaluation, the band thought they could transform what they had into Gojira’s best album yet. “Usually, we’re very happy with the songs we have right away and we treat them like kids,” frontman Joe Duplantier told Overdrive. “It’s like when you have a baby and you take care of that baby; you don’t think twice — it’s just an immediate reflex to protect and nurture. Now it’s, like, ‘Wait a second. We need our strongest album now. We need something really perfect.’ First, we started to act like before and we had these songs and were, like, ‘Okay, it is what is it. Maybe it’s not the greatest of all time.’ Then we really thought about it, and now we’re like, ‘No, it has to be the greatest Gojira album of all time.’ So we got rid of all the songs that were not absolutely mind blowing and came up with more songs. It sounds really pretentious to say it’s the greatest album of all time, but, to us, it is.”

Gojira’s last album, 2012’s L’Enfant Sauvage, received mass acclaim from fans and critics with tracks like “Explosia,” “The Axe” and the record’s title track — the last of which we named the Best Metal Song of 2012.

Get ready for some new Gojira in the spring!

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