Ghost Release Lyric Video for ‘He Is’

Ghost have revealed a new lyric video for “He Is,” one of the standout track from their third full-length album, Meliora.

“He Is” is the fourth official single from Meliora and has become a new fan favorite at live shows. The new lyric video takes a simplistic, yet majestic approach, surrounding the song’s lyrics with golden patterns which rotate in and around a golden framework. The actual text used for the song’s lyrics is fascinating in itself, employing a vintage and classy feel to Ghost’s visual jukebox.

You’ll also find images of space in the background, complementing lyrics such as, “The guidance of the morning stars will lead the way into the void.”

Apart from its Satanic context, “He Is” was also partially inspired by the suicide of Selim Lemouchi, guitarist and lead songwriter for Netherlands band The Devil’s Blood. Selim took his life at age 33 in March 2014, leaving a lasting impression on various members of Ghost who shared a friendship with Selim. You’ll be able to hear more about that story in our recent interview with a nameless ghoul from Ghost, who told us all about it backstage before a gig in New York City. Look out for that interview coming soon.

Check out Ghost’s new lyric video for “He Is” in the player above!

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