FATES WARNING Has Written A ‘Really Great’ New Album, Says Bassist JOEY VERA

IndiePower.com recently conducted an interview with bassist Joey Vera of FATES WARNING and ARMORED SAINT. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On being involved in multiple bands and projects:

Joey: “Sometimes it’s a little bit of a necessity these days to do that. Technology allows you to be in different, remote places and be able to communicate and even perform in different states and different countries, you know, through the Internet and so forth. And then it’s hard to make a living these days being in one group [laughs], so any chance you have to play with other people, not only does it benefit you financially, but it also makes you a better player, a better person, [gives you] more experiences [to work] with different people. I mean, that’s one of the things that I really have been cherishing for the last thirty years — all these different musicians that I have some capacity to jam with, or play with, be in bands with, or do projects with, recording or whatever. It’s amazing. I’m super lucky to be able to do that.”

On FATES WARNING’s forthcoming album:

Joey: “Jim [Matheos, guitar] and Ray [Alder, vocals] have written a really great record. We’ve been playing it on the bus a little bit. And it’s gonna be really, really cool. I can’t wait to start recording it. The plan is to start recording sometime in December and January, hopefully have this out by early summer. I can’t talk too much about it — it’s a hush-hush situation — but it’s gonna be really, really cool. That’s all I can say. Yeah, I’m looking forward to starting it.”

FATES WARNING’s twelfth studio album will be released later this year via InsideOut Music.

The band’s previous CD, “Darkness In A Different Light”, sold around 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The effort was issued in North America on October 1, 2013 via InsideOut Music.

Source: Blabbermouth

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