EUROPE’s IAN HAUGLAND Talks Touring In Wake Of Paris Concert Attack, Upcoming Studio Album (Video)

Italy’s SpazioRock recently conducted an interview with drummer Ian Haugland of Swedish hard rockers EUROPE. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On whether he would agree that 2015’s “War Of Kings” album sees EUROPE getting back on “the right track”:

Ian: “I would say that this is a part of being on the right track. I think we set out on a musical journey when we reformed in 2004. It’s all been like one album leading to the next and our struggle to try and just do our thing and try different, new sounds and stuff like that. So I’m happy, or we’re very happy, with the way this album turned out, but it wouldn’t have been sounding this way if it wouldn’t have been for [2012’s] ‘Bag Of Bones’ or [2009’s] ‘Last Look At Eden’, because those were steps on the way, sort of. What we do today is we’re just following our hearts. We’re not trying to please any particular fans or people in one way or another — we just do our own thing — and it seems like people are enjoying it and getting that.”

On continuing to tour Europe following the Paris terrorist attacks:

Ian: “Of course, it’s really… It’s crazy and it’s sad and disturbing that terrorists and crazy people can walk around, killing people in the audience and on the streets everywhere; that’s really fucked up. And we are very concerned about security within the band. But our opinion is that to stop touring because [the terrorists] do what they do, it’s like giving in to the evil forces, we feel. We’re here to bring happiness and joy, and hopefully we can, by playing to people, give them some hope for the future and for love and peace instead of… I mean, these maniacs can strike anywhere at anytime, so if you’re gonna submit to them, you basically have to hide in the basement and never get out of there, because they can strike anywhere at anytime.”

On whether EUROPE is planning to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the band’s “The Final Countdown” album later this year:

Ian: “Yeah, we’re planning on doing — in November, I think it is — a shorter tour — maybe between ten and fifteen shows spread out in Europe. I know we’re gonna play in London and in Paris, but those are the only two shows that have been confirmed. But, yeah, definitely we’re gonna do that. And it’s gonna be the first time ever, and probably the only time ever, that we’re gonna play the whole ‘The Final Countdown’ album from start to end. Plus more music, obviously.”

On EUROPE’s plans to write and record the follow-up to “War Of Kings”:

Ian: “We’re very much planning on the next album, and we have decided that we’re gonna go into the studio in September [of 2016] to start recording. So, basically, [2016] is gonna be… We’re gonna go to the States in January and February. Then it’s gonna be a couple of gigs spread out before we go to the festival season. And then from August until the end of September, we’re gonna be focusing on the new album. And then after that, ‘The Final Countdown’ tour. So [2016] is basically booked already. But it’s fun. It’s great. And then, in 2017, the next album will be out, and we’re just gonna keep the wheels rolling. We’re like a steam train. We’ve got the momentum going now, so there’s nothing stopping us. [Laughs]”

Source: Blabbermouth

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