Eagles of Death Metal Offer Awkward Re-Enactment of ‘Zipper Down’ Album Process

Hey kids! Do you like rock ‘n’ roll? Do you like painfully awkward TV promos? Then we highly suggest you check out the latest clip from Eagles of Death Metal promoting their forthcoming album, Zipper Down.

The band features vocalist Jesse Hughes and his longtime pal, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. And in their latest video teasing the new album, the pair serve up a “re-enactment” of what it was like to put the Zipper Down disc together.

In it, the pair are painfully awkward, delivering some of the most stilted line readings you’ve heard in your life, giving some grade school thespians a run for their money when it comes to acting. Watch as Hughes mimics playing the guitar, Homme slides the faders and somehow misses turning the knobs on the mixing board. “I’m glad we made this rock and roll music, but oh no, what should we call it,” offers Homme in the most monotone manner possible.

This type of humor is nothing new for Homme, who famously served as a really bad TV pitchman for a Scissor Sisters album, offered up a Spinal Tap-esque “Secrets of the Sound” mockumentary for the last Queens of the Stone Age album and has even made a guest appearance on IFC’s Portlandia as Carrie Brownstein’s against-type gay brother.

In addition to the new studio re-enactment, Eagles of Death Metal have served up a new video for their single “Complexity.” Watch it in full below. The band’s Zipper Down disc is due Oct. 2 and can be pre-ordered here.

Watch Eagles of Death Metal’s “Complexity” Video

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Source: Loudwire.com

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