Dope Launch Live Album Pre-Order, Hope To Fund Classic Reunion Tour

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For the first time in more than 13 years, the classic Dope lineup of Edsel Dope, Acey Slade, Virus and Racci Shay played together live. The hard rocking foursome killed it while onstage in Russia and had the tapes rolling. As such, you can look for a new live album being released in June. Check out the track listing below.

Pre-orders of the album and other goodies are available at this location. The goal is to help fund a U.S. headlining tour with the old school lineup, and eventually take the show all over the world.

“The United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia are all part of the plan,” says Edsel Dope. “We are all stoked with the insane amount of enthusiasm from fans asking us to bring this lineup around the world.”

The band plans to film the tour and release their first ever live DVD. They also plan to include classic backstage footage, unreleased music videos and never before seen clips from throughout their career.

Dope’s last studio album, No Regrets, was released in 2009. They plan to release a new disc titled Blood Money later this year. Check out the video interview with Edsel Dope above as he talks about the “Die MF Die” reunion tour campaign, the new album and more.

Dope Live Album Track Listing

1. “Flatline”
2. “Pig Society”
3. “Debonair”
4. “Everything Sucks”
5. “Spin Me Round Like a Record”
6. “Take Your Best Shot”
7. “Now or Never / What About”
8. “Stop”
9. “Bitch”
10. “Bring It On”
11. “Motivation”
12. “Survive”
13. “No Way Out”
14. “Addiction”
15. “Violence”
16. “Rebel Yell”
17. “Die MF Die”
18. “I’m Back”
19. “Sick”
20. “Burn”
21. “F–k the Police”

Watch Dope’s ‘Selfish’ Video


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