DEW-SCENTED: ‘Ruptured Perpetually’ Video Released

“Ruptured Perpetually”, the new video from German thrashers DEW-SCENTED, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s tenth studio album, “Intermination”, which was released on June 30 in North America. The CD was mixed by Dan Swanö (Unisound Studio) and features cover artwork by Gustavo Sazes (

The “Ruptured Perpetually” video was directed and produced in Germany by Philipp Hirsch (AMON AMARTH, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, TRIPTYKON) of Film-M.

Says DEW-SCENTED guitarist Marvin Vriesde: “For the video for ‘Ruptured Perpetually’, we reached out to Philipp from Film-M. Philipp also directed our first video, 10 years ago, for the song ‘Turn To Ash’. During the shoot, I painfully remembered how Philipp makes you push the envelope with the performance for the video. It was a long day of shredding and headbanging, but judging by the end result, it was definitely worth it!”

Vriesde further elaborates on the clip’s meaning, stating: “In short, the song is about someone who devotes his life to religion and finds out right before the end that there is no afterlife. It just ends. I love how the video captures the dark atmosphere of the lyrical and musical concept. The devotion towards the light in a world filled with darkness. The riffs in the song symbolize religion. They all are variations based on the main riff in the song. Constantly shifting in perspective and posing a constant threat, building up to a climax and all returning to the uniform beginning at the end. The alpha and the omega, ending in silence. Nothingness.”

All formats of “Intermination” include a cover of REPULSION’s “Radiation Sickness”, while the digital edition and the limited-edition gatefold vinyl (dark green and 180-gram black variants) include two bonus tracks, “Those Who Will Not See” and “Survival Reaction” (SOLSTICE cover).

“Intermination” track listing:

01. Declaration Of Intent (1:00)
02. On A Collision Course (3:49)
03. Scars Of Creation (3:46)
04. Affect Gravity (3:56)
05. Means To An End (4:41)
06. Ode To Extinction (4:05)
07. Demon Seed (3:48)
08. Power Surge (3:53)
09. Ruptured Perpetually (3:35)
10. Living Lies (4:19)
11. Atavistic (3:38)
12. Reborn (3:32)
13. Radiation Sickness (2:05) (REPULSION cover)

Bonus tracks (only available on vinyl and digital versions)

14. Those Who Will Not See
15. Survival Reaction (SOLSTICE cover)

DEW-SCENTED will embark on a European tour dubbed “Thrash Mercenaries” in October with ANGELUS APATRIDA from Spain and NO RETURN from France.

Source: Blabbermouth

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