Dave Mustaine Believes He ‘Upgraded’ With New Megadeth Members

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With two shows now under their belt, Megadeth‘s new lineup not only has fans excited, but founder Dave Mustaine as well. The band’s original member has seen players come and go, with over 20 musicians having lent their talents to the thrash titans since 1983. Guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover were the latest to exit in late 2014 and Mustaine believes he has “upgraded” with Angra six-stringer Kiko Loureiro and Lamb of God stickman Chris Adler.

Megadeth’s show in Perth, Australia was just the second time the band played together live. In an interview with the Australian Associated Press, the band leader offered his sentiments on how the show went, stating, “My expectations are so incredibly high that I don’t know that we’ll ever have one of those shows, but as far as did it make me happy? I was completely chuffed.”

Satisfied with the show, Mustaine went on to compliment his two new members, adding, “In no way is this meant to be offensive to Shawn or Chris, but we’ve definitely upgraded talent wise, personality wise, friendship wise.” No band is ever looking to take a step back in any facet and living with each other on the road can sometimes be the most difficult part of being in a band, so members need to prove they are more than just talented.

The frontman had a chance to replace Drover and Broderick with two members that many consider to be one of the strongest lineups ever assembled in heavy metal. Rumors began swirling that Mustaine would employ former members Marty Friedman and Nick Menza to reunite the heralded Rust in Peace lineup. Commenting on this, he said, “It’s no secret that the whole Rust in Peace reunion lineup thing was being attempted. I didn’t want that to happen. I know when something’s good and when something’s beyond its usefulness to us because the horse is dead.”

Megadeth toured for the 20th anniversary of Rust in Peace in 2010 and Mustaine seems ready to move on rather than revel in the past. The band will be releasing their 15th studio album, Dystopia, on Jan. 22, 2016.

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