Dave Lombardo: Exclusive Drum Solo

When we found out Philm were going to be in town playing a gig, we knew we needed to film some stuff with drumming legend Dave Lombardo. We headed down to New York City’s Mercury Lounge to do just that, and during our visit, Lombardo recorded an exclusive drum solo for us!

Slayer fans may be familiar with Dave playing gigantic drum kits, but Lombardo’s setup is a bit more stripped down for Philm, a traditional power trio. He still stacks up the cymbals, but the untrained ear would never even realize Lombardo wasn’t amongst a maze of toms during this solo.

The fine people at the Mercury Lounge were kind enough to run Lombardo’s audio through their soundboard, so what you’re hearing is pro venue audio recorded after Philm’s sound check. We’re especially thankful to get Lombardo’s beastly double bass through the board, since fans of Dave’s playing need their fix of double bass, and with good reason. Dave absolutely massacres his kit during this exclusive performance, so drum enthusiasts and fans of Dave’s playing need to check this out!

Watch this exclusive drum solo from the one and only Dave Lombardo in the clip above!

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Source: Loudwire.com

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