Danny Worsnop Reveals First of Four Album Covers for Solo Disc

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Vocalist Danny Worsnop rose to fame with Asking Alexandria, then recorded an album with We Are Harlot, but his next release will be a solo album that’s been years in the making. Worsnop has been offering insights into the disc via his Instagram account and now he’s unveiled the first album cover for the effort.

Yes, we did say “first.” As Worsnop reveals in his latest posting, he was thrilled with a number of ideas he had for the artwork and has decided that there will be four different covers for the album, which will apparently be titled The Prozac Sessions.

He states in his posting, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, album cover A. Every piece of artwork was so perfect that I have decided to use them all, which means there will be four versions of the album, all with different visuals. I am thinking of writing a couple more songs so that each version will have a different bonus track.

 I’m in Nashville now to talk to labels and find a home for what I’ve created. Stay tuned for more news and updates. See you on the other side!” Check out the album cover below.

In his recent postings, Worsnop revealed the inspiration behind his solo disc. His deeply personal musings recall one period in which he learned that a one-night stand with a stripper led to a pregnancy only to later discover it had been a scam. Meanwhile, a second period a few years later found Worsnop with some post-rehab clarity awaking in a pool of sweat with a melody in his head. The songs have come during trying times in the singer’s life as he attempted to write with brutal honesty.

“It has been an emotional rollercoaster creating these songs, but the end result has left me humbled, proud, and more excited about a project than I ever have been in my life,” said the singer. “Writing as deep and personal as I have on this record brought up a lot inside me from my years, allowing me to grow and move on from demons I didn’t even acknowledge having. With my dark days behind me, I am beyond ready, and beyond excited for you to follow me on this journey.”

Stay tuned to see what happens with Worsnop’s upcoming solo effort.

Danny Worsnop Reveals Inspirations for 2016 Solo Album

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