Bruce Dickinson Responds: ‘Is ‘The Book of Souls’ Iron Maiden’s Final Album?’

Now that Iron Maiden‘s The Book of Souls double album is out, fans have been able to sink their teeth into all 92 minutes of the release. The question now is: Will The Book of Souls be Iron Maiden’s swan song?

Legendary Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has already come out and said he hopes The Book of Souls isn’t the band’s final album, but we asked Bruce what the rest of the band thinks. The answer Bruce gave was pretty hopeful, so make sure to watch the video to hear it in full.

In case The Book of Souls does end up be the last we hear from Iron Maiden, we wanted to get Bruce’s take on the strength of saying goodbye with album No. 16. It was something Bruce contemplated greatly when going through treatment for tongue cancer, because even if Dickinson beat the disease (he currently has a clean bill of health) there was a chance he could never sing again due to the aggressive nature of chemotherapy and radiation.

Bruce revealed to us that he’d be much happier with The Book of Souls being Iron Maiden’s final album as opposed to The Final Frontier, which was released in 2010. “If this album was the last thing that anybody heard of that voice, it’s a pretty good way to go out,” Bruce says. “That gave me a degree of being philosophical about it.”

Check out our exclusive chat with Bruce Dickinson in the video above! Iron Maiden’s 16th studio album, The Book of Souls, is now available so be sure to grab yourself a copy here.

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