Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ Gets Full On ‘Fart’ Parody

No matter how old or evolved you think you are, there may be nothing in this world that reverts even the most stern of people into giggling 10-year-olds like the sound of a fart. And for some, they’ve been able to turn this noise into an art form. Take, for instance, Guy First, who has generated a number of hand-fart covers of the years.

Guy First’s latest project finds him upping his game, creating a full-on video parody of Bring Me the Horizon‘s “Can You Feel My Heart” for Metal Sucks. The new version, re-titled “Can You Smell My Fart?,” opens with the lines, “Can you hear the flatus / Can you pass the gas / Can you breathe this torment / Can you smell / Can you smell my fart?

The clip also does it’s best to mirror Bring Me the Horizon, with a tatted-up, bushy haired vocalist leading the way while the band and vocalist mirror some of the movements incorporated by harder rocking acts. As for the rest of the clip, it centers primarily on a trapped and fleeing Dominos Pizza delivery guy, who’s eventually subjected to a masked Darth Vader opening the pizza box and loading on toppings guaranteed to get the stomach churning. Meanwhile, Guy First’s hand-farts blend in perfectly with the heavy rhythm line of the song throughout. Check out the video above.

As for the real Bring Me the Horizon, they’re currently touring without a hand-fart player in the band. The group’s That’s the Spirit album is out now and they have dates booked all the way into next summer, focusing on Europe, Russia and Australia among other stops. See all of their stops here.

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