Amaranthe’s Elize Ryd Sings Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ – Loudwire Karaoke

Anyone who has heard Swedish metal band Amaranthe is extremely familiar with the beautiful voice possessed by Elize Ryd. We recently had a few members of the band by for an interview, and when we asked Elize if she would christen our new Loudwire Karaoke booth, she jumped at the chance!

You may expect a singer who performs with a symphonic power metal / death metal band to choose a song that would get fans raising their horns, but Elize Ryd chose another direction with breathtaking results. When asked what song she’d like to belt out, she chose Sia‘s monster hit “Chandelier.”

There’s a reason Sia is one of the biggest names in music today. Like Adele, Sia’s stunning voice is universally admired, while “Chandelier” has gone double platinum in the United States alone. We didn’t quite know what to expect when Elize stepped into our karaoke booth, but she gave us chills as we watched her work.

Watch Elize Ryd absolutely nail Sia’s “Chandelier” in the clip above!

Hear Sia’s Original Version of “Chandelier” Below:

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