Al Jourgensen’s Surgical Meth Machine Debut Album Details Announced

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Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen has kept many plates spinning over his illustrious 30 plus year career. His latest project, Surgical Meth Machine, is readying its self-titled debut, due April 15 on Nuclear Blast. Surgical Meth Machine was mostly recorded at Jourgensen’s home studio in Burbank, Calif., with Sam D’Ambruoso serving as engineer.

Jourgensen announced the project back in February 2015, stating it would not feature any songs under 220 beats per minute. After signing a deal with Nuclear Blast last week, Uncle Al delighted fans with his charming anecdotes. Describing the debut, he said, “There’s a couple of real poppy things on there, which brings me full circle, because, literally, I don’t give a f–k anymore.” Continuing, he added, “So I’m actually almost acknowledging that first horrible pop record [With Sympathy] I did in 1983. I’m crooning on some songs, I’ve got some pop songs on there, and then there’s just brutal assault for the rest of it.”

The icon’s career has taken him through a multitude of different sounds over the years, and he noted this saying, “It’s a very dichotomous record, but it’s me, and I’m acknowledging everything that’s been me through, like, the last 35 years. Let’s just throw my balls on the table and hope somebody doesn’t have a meat cleaver running.”

While Uncle Al will be focusing on the launch of Surgical Meth Machine in April, the next month will find him back under the Ministry umbrella that never seems to elude him. He’ll be running a Ministry Bootcamp where fans can enlist under different ranks based on the package they choose and will have an opportunity to meet the legend and take part in band rehearsals in an immersive experience.

Surgical Meth Machine Track Listing

01. “I’m Sensitive”
02. “Tragic Alert”
03. “I Want More”
04. “Rich People Problems”
05. “I Don’t Wanna”
06. “Smash And Grab”
07. “Unlistenable”
08. “Gates Of Steel”
09. “Spudnik”
10. “Just Go Home”
11. “Just Keep Going”
12. “I’m Invisible”

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