A Nameless Ghoul From Ghost on Themes Within ‘Meliora’ + How a Friend’s Suicide Inspired ‘He Is’

During Ghost‘s recent stop in New York City, we had the chance to speak with one of the band’s nameless ghouls. In this part of the conversation, the ghoul addresses Ghost’s conceptual approach to Meliora, along with the various meanings behind one of the album’s standout tracks, “He Is.”

We’ve already shown you the Ghost episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?‘ along with this particular ghoul taking us deep into the band’s Satanic cult concept. In this final part, we go directly into Meliora, arguably Ghost’s most successful conceptual record to date in relation to their overall vision.

Meliora plays like a church sermon from beginning to end, highlighting its individual ceremonies and flipping them with a Satanic, rock and roll context. “It’s thematics and procedures that we are very well aware of, even though some know it very well and some don’t, but still it’s the symbolism that is charged with energies because we associate them with different things,” says the ghoul. “You speak to your intuition and that is the point.”

Though “He Is” seems to be a straightforward worship song, there are actually many faces to the track. Ghost were moved by the suicide of Selim Lemouchi, guitarist and lead songwriter for Netherlands band The Devil’s Blood. The ghoul shares how Selim’s death gave an old song, which Ghost had been demoing for years, a completely new identity.

Check out our chat with a nameless ghoul from Ghost above!

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