Playlist 30-11-2018

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Metal Warehouse 30-11-2018

AC/DC For those about to rock For those about to rock
Airbourne Breakin’ outta hell Breakin’ outta hell
Mötorhead Shoot out all of your lights Bad magic
Angra Painkiller Tribute to judas priest
Century media
Gamma Ray Money Insanity and genius – anniversary edition
Rage The crawling chaos Black in mind
Rammstein Engel Engel single
Motor music
Grip Inc. Hostage to heaven Power of inner strength
The Crown Rebel angel Deathrace king
Metal blade
Impaled Nazarene Absence of war Absence of war doesn’t mean peace
Osmose prod.
Amon Amarth Legend of a banished man The avenger
Metal blade
Hypocrisy Roswell 47 Abducted
Nuclear blast
Witherfall Moment of silence A prelude to sorro
Century media
Iced Earth Burning times Something wicked this way comes
Century media
Kreator People of the lie Coma of souls
Testament Rise up Dark roots of earth
Nuclear blast
God Dethroned On the wrong the side of the wire The world ablaze
Metal blade
In Flames Drifter Reroute to remain
Nuclear blast
Vader The nomad Revelations
Metal blade
Ghost Brigade Architects of new beginnings Isolation songs
Seasons of mist
Machine Head Old Burn my eyes
Symphony X The eyes of medusa The divine wings of tragedy
Ghost Ship Octavius Mills of the gods Ghost ship octavius
Self released
Volbeat Thanks Beyond hell above heaven

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