Playlist 23-11-2018

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Metal Warehouse 23-11-2018

Megadeth Good mourning black Friday Peace sells… but who’s buying?
Master Ring of fire The spirit of the west
System shock
Metal Church By the numbers Damned if you do
Rat pak
Overruled Follow his order Hybris
Punishment 18
Ashes Of Ares Sun dragon Well of souls
Rock of angels
Reverence Bleed for me Vengeance is… live
Rock of angels
The Three Tremors Wrath of asgard The three tremors
Steel cartel
Ghost Ship Octavius Saturnine Delirium
Self released
Last Union Taken Twelve
Rock of angels
Divine Ascension Prisoner The uncovering
Witherfall We are nothing A prelude to sorro
Century media
Tourniquet All good things died here Gazing at medusa
Self released
Sacrosanct My last white light Necroplois
Rock of angels
Dust Bolt Dead inside Trapped in chaos
Billy Bio Generation z Feed the fire
Vvorse Aivan tarpeeksi kauan Ajatus vapaudesta
A Secret Revealed The isolation Sacrifices
The Monolith Deathcult Fist of stalin Vergelding – Dawn of the planet of the ashes
Human detonator
A Pale Horse Named Death We all break down When the world becomes undone
Long branch

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