Playlist 26-06-2020

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Metal Warehouse 26-06-2020

Rammstein Deutschland Rammstein
Primal Fear I am alive Metal commando
Nuclear blast
Rage The price of war 2.0 The price of war
Silence Is Madness 91 hours Xero
Enemy Within Behind curtains of rust Fallen
Falconer Kings and queens From a dying ember
Metal blade
Grave Digger Union of the crown Fields of blood
Brainstorm Devil’s eye Midnight ghost
Gamma Ray Gods of deliverance Land of the free
Protest The Hero From the sky Palimpsest
Deathwhite Words of dead men Grave image
Season of mist
Re-Armed Ode to life Ignis aeternum
Black lion
Witherin Surface Room 417 Meet your maker
Insomnium Twilight trails Heart like a grave
Century media
In Flames Clayman Clayman
Nuclear blast
Halysis Temple of endless skies Cerulean
Bleed From Within Into nothing Fracture
Century media
Lamb Of God Resurrection man Lamb of god
Nuclear blast
Volturian The killing joke Crimson
Operus Book of shadows Score of nightmares
Pride & joy
Red Death Sheep may unsafely graze Sickness divine
Century media
Witches Black from sorrow The fates
Mighty spell
Rivers Of Nihil The silent life Where owls know my name
Metal blade

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