Playlist 08-09-2023

Firewind – I am anger
Primal Fear – Play a song
Borealis – Pray for water
Soen – Icon
Signum Regis – Alt of the earth
Dycrest – Man made god
Stitchd Up Heart – Possess me
Dead Icarus – Sellout
Cannibal Corpse – Summoned for sacrifice
Asinhell – Fall of the loyal warrior
Amon Amarth – Saxons and vikings
Heidevolk – Raidho

Decembre Noir – Against the daylight
Sylosis – A sign of things to come
Oomph! – Nichts wird mehr gut
Ministry – Goddamn white trash
Banshee – Birth of venus
Marduk – Coffin carol
Graveworm – We are the resistance
The Wounded – Bricklayer
Rivers Of Nihil – The sub-orbital blues
Atlases – Eyelids of the new dawn
Crowbar – The fear that binds you

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Playlist 25-08-2023

Avenged Sevenfold – Paranoid
Ballbreaker – Fight for your right to party
Gamma Ray – It’s a sin
Vicious Rumors – Paint it black
Glenn Tipton – Paint it black
WASP – Mississippi queen
Altaria – Balls to the wall
Ghost Machinery – Out in the fields
Social Distortion – Ring of fire
Domain – Over the hills and far away
Rage – The trooper
Gothic Knights – Hungry like the wolf
Destruction – My sharona
Helloween – Rain

The Kovenant – Spaceman
Skew Siskin – My generation
Disturbed – Shout
Phoenix Rising – Sleeping in my car
Dragonslayer – Sleeping in my car
Dark Tranquillity – Sacred reich
Primal Fear – Speedking
Legion – Enter sandman
Pantera – Cat scratch fever
Bowling For Soup – Summer of ’69
Blind Guardian – Surfin’ USA
Gene Simmons – I’m the firestarter
Heathen – The holy war
Ghost – Jesus he knows me

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Playlist 11-08-2023

Death Ray Vision – An iron age
To Kill Achilles – When the lights go off
Painkiller – Killdozer
Iron Savior – Nothing is forever
Primal Fear – Metal is forever
Doro – Living after midnight
Lancer – Purest power
Refuser – Refuser
Beyond The Black – Call my name
Amaranthe – Damnation flame
Fifth Angel – We are immortal
Cyhra – If I

Bloodshed Walhalla – Glory to the sacred land
Amon Amarth – Heidrun (live at Graspop)
Scar Symmetry – Xenotaph
Kataklysm – From the land of the living to the land of of the dead
Crypta – Dark clouds
Halls Of Oblivion – The summer that never was
Bleed From Within – The will to resist
Livekill – Vengeance
Lacuna Coil – Never dawn
The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors – How much longer?

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Playlist 25-11-2022

Halestorm – Straight throught the heart
In This Moment – Call me
Helloween – Paint it black
Grave Digger – 2000 light years from home
Deicide – Black night
Morgana Lefay – Voulez-vouz
Children Of Bodom – Black winter day
Battledragon – Bailando
Destruction – Killers
Patriarca – Mr crowley
Graveworm – It’s a sin
In Flames – World of promise
Rage – Paranoid
UMC – One (always hardcore)

Sinergy – The bitch is back
Norther – Youth gone wild
Primal Fear – Out in the fields
Pink Cream 69 – Detroit rock city
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Heartwork
Lycanthro – Port royal
Thyrfing – Over the hills and far away
Jag Panzer – In a gadda da vida
Iron Maiden – Cross-eyed mary
Great White – Sin city
Less Than Jake – We’re not gonna take it
Sinister – Deadly inner sense
Sworn Enemy – Punishment

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Playlist 24-09-2021

Eleine – Mein herzt brennt
In This Moment – Call me
Pain – Gimme shelter
Rob Zombie – We’re an american band
Ministry – Rehab
Primal Fear – Seek and destroy
Dream Theater – To tame a land
Amon Amarth – Aerials
Godsmack – Rocky mountain way
Arch Enemy – Shadow on the wall
Sepultura – Orgasmatron
Mystic Prophecy – I’m still standing

Breed77 – Zombie
Cradle Of Filth – Alison hell
Dimmu Borgir – Burn in hell
Ankor – Bad guy
Mathew K. Heavy/Richard Marx – Right here waiting
White Lion – Radar love
Oceans – Would
Paladin – The river dragon has come
Susperia – Wild child
Vader – Black sabbath
Of Mice & Men – Money

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Playlist 16-04-2021

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 16-04-2021 16tbody> 1: Mustasch A final warning A final warning – chapter one Tritonus Motorjesus Black hole overload Hellbreaker AFM Bewitcher Satanick magic attack …

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Playlist 07-08-2020

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 07-08-2020 1: Engst Wieder da Schöne neue welt Arising empire Warkings Odin’s sons Revenge Napalm Metalica Lords of summer Hardwired to self-destruct Blackened Orden …

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