Playlist 11-10-2019

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Metal Warehouse 11-10-2019

Volbeat Pelvis on fire Rewind, replay, rebound
Psychopunch Raise your glass Greetings from suckerville
Chrome Division We drink One last ride
Nuclear blast
Bombus Mama Vulture culture
Century media
Avatarium Rubicon The fire I long for
Nuclear blast
Vanden Plas Cold december night The ghost xperiment – awakening
Prime Creation Pretend till the end Tears of rage
Self released
Helloween Dr. Stein United alive
Nuclear blast
Sinner Lucky 13 Santa muerte
Dragonforce Heart demolition Extreme power metal
Tyr Downhill drunk Hel
Metal blade
Wreck-Defy Broken peace Remnants of pain
Exhorder Asunder Mourn the southern sky
Nuclear blast
Agnostic Front Spray painted walls Get loud!
Nuclear blast
Browbeat When the profit kills remove the control
In delirium
Dead Season The thunder rolls Rise
Self released
Witherfall Moment of silence A prelude to sorrow
Century media
Ghost Ship Octavius Mills of the gods Ghost ship octavius
Self released
Sanctuary Frozen The year the sun died
Century media
Flotsam And Jetsam Prepare for chaos the end of chaos
NorthTale Bring down the mountain Welcome to paradise
Nuclear blast
Judas Priest Painkiller Painkiller

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