Playlist 11-01-2019

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Metal Warehouse 11-01-2019

Herman Frank Sinners Fight the fear
Metal Inquisitor Beyond nightmares Panopticon
Spiral Wheel Sand and blood Resurrection for revenge
Metal warning
Trauma Gun to your head As the world dies
Pure steel
John Diva & The Rockets Of Love Lolita Mama said rock is dead
Steel Panther Fucking my heart in the ass All you can eat
Open e
Dee Snider Become the storm For the love of metal
Overkill Last man standing The wings of war
Nuclear blast
Artillery Preaching to the converted The face of fear
Metal blade
Ashes Of Ares In the darkness Well of souls
Rock of angels
Evergrey Currents The atlantic
Phlebotomized Proclamation of a terrified breed Deformation of humanity
The Ghost I’ve Become Denial Circle of sorrow
Self released
Asphodelus Scent of venus Stygian dreams
Terror from hell
D├ęcembre Noir Barricades Autumn kings
Heidra The blackening tide The blackening tide
Time to kill
Wolfhorde Forged in ice Hounds of perdition
Korpiklaani Beer beer Kulkija (tour edition)
Nuclear blast
Soilwork The wolves are back in town Verkligheten
Nuclear blast
Malevolent Creation Mandatory butchery The 13th beast
Century media
Rotting Christ Heaven and hell and fire The heretics
Season of mist

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