Playlist 08-09-2023

Firewind – I am anger
Primal Fear – Play a song
Borealis – Pray for water
Soen – Icon
Signum Regis – Alt of the earth
Dycrest – Man made god
Stitchd Up Heart – Possess me
Dead Icarus – Sellout
Cannibal Corpse – Summoned for sacrifice
Asinhell – Fall of the loyal warrior
Amon Amarth – Saxons and vikings
Heidevolk – Raidho

Decembre Noir – Against the daylight
Sylosis – A sign of things to come
Oomph! – Nichts wird mehr gut
Ministry – Goddamn white trash
Banshee – Birth of venus
Marduk – Coffin carol
Graveworm – We are the resistance
The Wounded – Bricklayer
Rivers Of Nihil – The sub-orbital blues
Atlases – Eyelids of the new dawn
Crowbar – The fear that binds you

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Playlist 23-12-2022

Five Finger Death Punch – No sudden movement
Light The Torch – Calm before the storm
Acto Of Denial – Puzzle heart
Cellar Twins – Molotov parade
Trivium – A crisis of revelation
Amken – The li(f)e we lead
Algebra – Resuscitation
Detraktor – Bear fight
Exul – Lose all control
Metallica – Lux aeterna
Volbeat – Return to none
Alter Bridge – Holiday
Megadeth – We’ll be back

Amon Amarth – The great heathen army
Insomnium – White christ
Obituary – The wrong time
Misery Index – Complete control
Bonded – The wholy whore
Kataklysm – The serpent’s tongue
Skroetbalg – Ie leest de happinez
Carcass – The long and winding bier road
Decembre Noir – A swan lake full of tears
Morost – Artificial time

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Playlist 05-08-2022

Lion’s Share – Infernal soul
Tad Morose – Pandemonium
Megadeth – Night stalkers
Raptore – Phoenix
Crowned In Blood – Walk away
Gurd – To the floor
Trauma – End of everything
Assault – A blind eye
Exul – Fight for liberty
Zarraza – People of the lie
Idol Throne – Unholy warrior

Blind Guardian – Violent shadows
In Flames – The great deceiver
Arch Enemy – In the eye of the storm
Amon Amarth – Saxons and vikings
Rise Of Legends – Leviathan
Ambrius – The unavoidable path
Decembre Noir – The forsaken earth
Septic Flesh – A desert throne
Behemoth – The deathless sun
Dimmu Borgir – Perfect strangers

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Playlist 07-01-2022

Herbst – Besser ohne dich
NorthTale – Midnight bells
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
Airbourne – Breakin’ outta hell
Hootenanny Freaks – Down to drain
Black Label Society – Destroy & conquer
Volbeat – The Sacred Stones
Death Angel – Guilty of innocence
Iron Fate – Crimson messiah
Wilderun – Passenger

Wolftopia – Wash the spears
Battle Beast – Where angels fear to fly
Skarlett Riot – Black cloud
Comeback Kid – Crossed
Vein.FM – The killing womb
Sylosis – Immovable stone
Arch Enemy – House of mirrors
Unleashed – Where can you flee?
Nightrage – Cursed by the gift of sight
Aeon – God ends here
Decembre Noir – A swan lake full of tears
Amorphis – Four wise ones

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Playlist 04-09-2020

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Playlist 11-01-2019

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Playlist 21-09-2018

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Playlist 14-09-2018

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