Playlist 17-03-2023

Metallica – If darkness had a son
Sovereign Darkness – The conclusion to chaos
Tyrant – Pray for the night
Stratovarius – Survive
Iron Allies – Destroyers of the night
Blind Guardian – Violent shadows
Sinner – The man they couldn’t hang
Hatriot – Forceful balance
Carnareum – Fortify
Sodom – I am the war
Exodus – The years of death and dying

Existance – Wolf attack
KK’s Priest – Hellfire thunderbolt
Manimal – Forged in metal
Overkill – Wicked place
Enforcer – Coming alive
Godsmack – Red white & blue
Sylosis – Deadwood
Proxia B – Between two ends
Kamala – Made me bleed
Insomnium – Starless paths
A Light Within – Meteoric fires
Silver Bullet – Shadow of a curse

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Playlist 03-03-2023

Metallica – If darkness had a son
Powerwolf – No prayer at midnight
Hollow Hour – Deafening
Motive Black – Lift me up
Saint – Dance of the gods
Nightborn – Grave madness
Morphetik – Death incarnate
Heathen Foray – Oathbreaker
In Flames – State of slow decay
Neaera – False shepherds
Enslaved – Congelia

Kamala – Karma
Próxima – The drop
Enforced – Coming alive
Eleison – The hymn of willows
Overkill – The surgeon
Skroetbalg – Ie leest de happinez
Atreyu – My own summer
Delve Into Darkness – Scream of the banshee
Thermality – Grim reaper
Dead Sun – The shape from out the shadows
Dystopia AD – Imperial dawn

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Playlist 03-02-2023

Xandria – Ghosts
Deathstars – This is
Silver Bullet – Shadow of a curse
Delain – Moth to a flame
Twilight Force – At the heart of wintervale
Victor Smolski – Guitar force
Redemption – I am the storm
Moonscape – A rendezvous in time?
Enslaved – Congelia

Overkill – The surgeon
Enforce – Ultra-violence
Antigod – Fractured and torn
Obituary – The wrong time
Dystopia A.D. – Doomsday psalm
In Flames – Meet your maker
God Dethroned – Asmodevs
…And Oceans – The collector ond his construct
Ellende – Unsterblich
Kanonenfieber – The yankee division march
A Light Within – Meteoric fires

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Playlist 02-12-2022

Gamma Ray – Tribute to the past
Machine Head – Davidian
Fear Factory – Replica
Type O Negative – My girlfriend’s girlfriend
In Flames – Morhing into primal
System Of A Down – Suite-pee
Children OF Bodom – Downfall
Nevermore – Inside four wall
Arch Enemy – Burning angel
Mercenary – Screaming from the heavens
Anthrax – What doesn’t die
Slipknot – Opium of the people
Bolt Thrower – Entrenched

Kataklysm – Crippled and broken
Airbourne – Stand up for rock ‘n’ roll
Volbeat – Hallelujah goat
Kreator – Destroy what destroys you
Alter Bridge – Isolation
Amon Amarth – Wrath of the norsemen
Testament – Rise up
Trivium – Vengeance falls
Sanctuary – Arise and purify
Motorhead – Victory or die
For I Am King – Breathe the fire
God Dethroned – Messina ridge
Metal Church – By the numbers
Overkill – Last man standing

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Playlist 03-05-2019

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Playlist 22-02-2019

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Playlist 01-02-2019

1: Lullwater Dark divided Voodoo Self released Forever Still Rewind Breathe in colours Nuclear blast Delain Masters of destiny Hunter’s moon Napalm Within Temptation Endless war Resist Spinefarm Imperia The …

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Playlist 25-01-2019

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Playlist 18-01-2019

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 18-01-2019 1: Megadeth Countdown to extinction Countdown to exrtinction Capitol Dethonator Nightmare city Race against the sun Pavement entertainment Flotsam And Jetsam Prepare for …

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Playlist 11-01-2019

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 11-01-2019 1: Herman Frank Sinners Fight the fear AFM Metal Inquisitor Beyond nightmares Panopticon Massacre Spiral Wheel Sand and blood Resurrection for revenge Metal …

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