Playlist 10-05-2019

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Metal Warehouse 10-05-2019

Helloween Dr. Stein Keeper of the seven keys II
Accept Life’s a bitch Life’s a bitch single
Nuclear blast
Sabaton Fields of verdun The great war
Nuclear blast
Savage Messiah Heretic in the modern world Demons
Century media
Hidden Lapse Grim poet Butterflies
Mystik Hellish force Mystik
I hate
Judas Priest Night crawler Painkiller
Iron Savior Sinner or saint Kill or get killed
Steel Prophet The god machine The god machine
Rock of angels
Volbeat Pool of booze, booze, booza Let’s boogie
Psychopunch Stranded We are just as welcome as holy water in satan’s drink
White jazz
Amon Amarth Wings of eagles Berserker
Metal blade
Soilwork Stalfagel Verkligheten
Nuclear blast
Fragments Of Despair 300 abominations Broken lost mistakes
Self released
Horizon Ignited Equal in death After the storm
Self released
Heidra The price in blood The blackening tide
Time to kill
Unleashed Stand your ground The hunt for white christ
Demonbreed Confessions in fire Hunting heretics
Vader Grand deceiver Thy messenger
Nuclear blast
Possessed Shadowcult Revelations of oblivion
Nuclear blast
Death Angel The pack Humanicide
Nuclear blast
Exumer Carnage rider Hostile defiance
Metal blade
Metal Allegiance Bound by silence Volume II: Power drunk majesty
Nuclear blast
Machine Head Davidian Burn my eyes

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