Playlist 10-04-2020

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Metal Warehouse 10-04-2020

Annihilator The perfect virus Carnival diablos
Angel Dust Let me live Enlighten the darkness
Century media
Primal Fear Final embrace Jaws of death
Nuclear blast
Judas Priest Hell patrol Painkiller
Rage Black in mind Black in mind
Iced Earth Cast in stone Days of purgatory
Century media
Sentenced May today become the day Rock hard festival 2005
Century media
Kreator Violent revolution Live kreation
Sodom Napalm in the morning One night in bangkok
Exodus Going going gone Shovel headed kill machine
Nuclear blast
Testament Symptoms Titans of creation
Nucler blast
Metallica Stone cold crazy Blindman’s ball – Live at the camstatter wasen
Therion To mega therion Theli
Nuclear blast
Dimmu Borgir Mourning palace Enthrone darkness triumphant
Nuclear blast
Callenish Circles Sweet cyanide []
Metal blade
In Flames Morphing into primal Whoracle
Nuclear blast
Amon Amarth Guardians of asgaard Twilight of the thundergod
Metal blade
Edge Of Sanity The bleakness of it all Infernal
Black mark
Massive Assault Man-kind!? Slayer
Bolt Thrower Last stand of humanity Those once loyal
Metal blade
Mnemocide To the nameless Feeding the vultures
Czar of crickets

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