Playlist 08-01-2020

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Metal Warehouse 08-01-2021

Soen Monarch Imperial
Silver lining
Children Of Bodom Downfall Hatebreeder
Nuclear blast
Dark Tranquillity Punish my heaven The gallery
Osmose prod.
Synthetic The road to salvation Clepsydra: Time against infinity
Soilwork Death diviner A whisp of the atlantic
Nuclear blast
Metalite Peacekeepers A virtual world
Phantom Elite Deliverance Titanium
Fireforce Ram it Rage of war
Lion’s Share Killed by death Killed by death
Self released
Volbeat Rebel angel Hokus bonus
The Crown Rebel angel Deathrace king
Metal blade
The Generals Faith in fire To hell
Black zombie
The Cult Of Destiny The armageddon is here The cult of destiny
Self released
Bloody Hammers A night to dismember Songs of unspeakable terror
Cro-Mags Chaos in the streets 2020
Mission two
Hatebreed The herd will scatter Weight of the false self
Nuclear blast
Sodom Sodom & gomorrah Genesis XIX
Tau Cross Messengers of deception Messengers of deception
Hertical music
Gama Bomb Miami supercops Sea savage
Diamond Head Immigrant song Lightning to the nations 2020
Silver lining
Mister Misery Ballad of the headless horseman A brighter side of death
Arising empire
Spirit Adrift Astral levitation Enlightened in eternity
Century media
Stories From The Lost Of savage seas Alternate endings

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