Playlist 24-11-2023

Children Of Bodom – I’m shipping out to boston
Devil’s Train – American woman
Unisonic – A little time
Steel Panther – Don’t stop believin’
Von Boldt – Hound dog
Bloody Roots – Roots bloody roots
Burning Witches – Holy diver
Shock Treatment – Dancing in the dark
Pat O’May – Over the hills and far away
The Anix – In the air tonight
Ghost – Jesus he knows me
Upon This Dawning – Call me maybe
Debauchery – Fast as a shark

Sentenced – White wedding
Century – Dancing with tears in my eyes
Avalanch – Hell patrol
Dali Van Gogh – Dragula
Mind The Gravity – I was made for loving you
Embraze – I was made for loving you
Faster Pussycat – Wonderwall
James Rivera’s Metal Wave – Black celebration
Pissing Razors – Domination
Ten Masked Men – A view to a kill
Veil Of The Serpent – Burning times
Last Autumn’s Dream – Rebel rouser
Godflesh – For those about to rock

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Playlist 26-05-2023

Hearse – Metal meltdown
Children Of Bodom – Don’t stop at the top
Faster Pussycat – You’re so vain
Backyard Babies – Babylon
Hammerfall – I want out
Lord – I want out
Vision Divine – Take on me
Dark Tranquillity – Bringer of torture
Saxon – Substitute
Atreyu – Livin’on the edge
Burning Witches – I wanna be somebody
Dissaray – Cowboys from hell
Tygers Of Pan Tang – Tush
Altar – Fast as a shark

Modified – Running up that hill
L7 – Hanging on the telephone
Pink Cream 69 – Looks that kill
Norther – Smash
Overkill – Deuce
Sentenced – The trooper
Vital Remains – The trooper
The Crown – Arise
Skid Row – Holidays in the sun
Thyrfing – Over the hills and far away
Anthrax – Cowboy song
Vicious Rumors – Paint it black
Corrosion Of Conformity – On the hunt
Host – I ran

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Playlist 28-04-2023

Burning Witches – Jawbreaker
Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson – Helter skelter
Dark Angel – Immigrant songs
Soulfly – Smoke on the water
Sepultura – War
Disturbed – Walk (w/ Chester Bennington)
Avanged Sevenfold – Walk
Fozzy – Over the mountain
Battle Beast – Push it to the limit
Volbeat – Return to none
Amon Amarth – War machine
Harakiri For The Sky – Mad world

Metal Church – Black betty
Paragon – The gods made heavy metal
Threshold – Supermassive black hole
Holy Moses – Black metal
Vader – Black metal
Children Of Bodom – Shot in the dark
Sirenia – Voyage voyage
Metallica – The prince
Stone Sour – Wicked game
Manic Movement – Russians
At The Lake – Sonne
Between The Buried And Me – Cemetary gates

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Playlist 24-02-2023

Edguy – Cum on feel the noise
Benedictum – Balls to the wall
Megadeth – Strange ways
Alcohólica – All I have to do is dream
Machine Head – South of heaven
Lord – Send me an angel
Atrocity – Send me an angel
Alien Ant Farm – Smooth criminal
The CNK – Weißes fleisch
Iron Savior – This flight tonight
Firewind – Maniac
Great White – Diamonds and rust
Blind Guardian – You’re the voice

Hammerfall – My sharona
Savage Circus – Ça plane pour moi
Freedom Call – Dr. Stein
Iron Maiden – Doctor doctor
Atreyu – Guitar gangsters and cadillac blood
Children Of Bodom – Rebel yell
Dope – Rebel yell
Halestorm – Slave to the grind
Iced Earth – Highway to hell
Dan Swanö – Melissa
Redemption – Turn it on again
Rise Against – Any way you want it
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet – He’s back (The man behind the mask)

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Playlist 02-12-2022

Gamma Ray – Tribute to the past
Machine Head – Davidian
Fear Factory – Replica
Type O Negative – My girlfriend’s girlfriend
In Flames – Morhing into primal
System Of A Down – Suite-pee
Children OF Bodom – Downfall
Nevermore – Inside four wall
Arch Enemy – Burning angel
Mercenary – Screaming from the heavens
Anthrax – What doesn’t die
Slipknot – Opium of the people
Bolt Thrower – Entrenched

Kataklysm – Crippled and broken
Airbourne – Stand up for rock ‘n’ roll
Volbeat – Hallelujah goat
Kreator – Destroy what destroys you
Alter Bridge – Isolation
Amon Amarth – Wrath of the norsemen
Testament – Rise up
Trivium – Vengeance falls
Sanctuary – Arise and purify
Motorhead – Victory or die
For I Am King – Breathe the fire
God Dethroned – Messina ridge
Metal Church – By the numbers
Overkill – Last man standing

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Playlist 25-11-2022

Halestorm – Straight throught the heart
In This Moment – Call me
Helloween – Paint it black
Grave Digger – 2000 light years from home
Deicide – Black night
Morgana Lefay – Voulez-vouz
Children Of Bodom – Black winter day
Battledragon – Bailando
Destruction – Killers
Patriarca – Mr crowley
Graveworm – It’s a sin
In Flames – World of promise
Rage – Paranoid
UMC – One (always hardcore)

Sinergy – The bitch is back
Norther – Youth gone wild
Primal Fear – Out in the fields
Pink Cream 69 – Detroit rock city
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Heartwork
Lycanthro – Port royal
Thyrfing – Over the hills and far away
Jag Panzer – In a gadda da vida
Iron Maiden – Cross-eyed mary
Great White – Sin city
Less Than Jake – We’re not gonna take it
Sinister – Deadly inner sense
Sworn Enemy – Punishment

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Playlist 25-02-2022

Motörhead – Stand by your man (feat. Wendy O William)
Barcode – Peace sells
Children Of Bodom – Lookin’ out my backdoor
The Unseen – Paint it black
Sinergy – Hanging on the telephone
Alchemist – Eve of the war
Vandroya – The rover
Annihilator – Romeo delight
Connor Engstrom – Into the unknown
Angra – Wuthering heights
Crystal Viper – Welcome home
Saxon – Problem child
Interfector – Dark saga

Deez Nuts – Fight for your right
Hatesphere – Caught in a mosh
State Of Mine – In the air tonight
Thobbe Englund – Into the pit
Anthrax – Protest and survive
Meytal – Pull me under
Napalm Death – Riot of violence
At Vance – Shout
1945 – Ace of spades
Judas Priest – The green manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)
Gashead – Disciples of the watch

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Playlist 29-10-2021

Two-Bit Thief – Folsom prison blues
Warrant – I think I’ll just stay here and drink
Howling Giant + UDO – Shoot to thrill
Within Temptation – Radioactive
Kalahari – Ace of spades
Children Of Bodom – I’m shipping out to boston
Mors Principium Est – Livin’ la vida loca
Gamma Ray – Gamma ray
Steel Prophet – Ride the sky
Sabaton – Twilight of the thundergod
Crematorium – Fucking hostile
Death On Fire – World coming down

Extinction A.D. – Propaganda
Tormentor – Tormentor
Hooded Menace – The torture never stops
Black Rain – Ça plane pour moi
Mystic Prophecy – You keep me hangin’ on
System Of A Down – Snowblind
The Ataris – The boys of summer
Deaf Rat – Like a prayer
Heavenly – When the rain begins to fall
In This Moment – We will rock you
Ice Nine Kills – Someone like you
Therion – Under jolly roger
Pro-Pain – Weeds

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Playlist 08-01-2020

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 08-01-2021 1: Soen Monarch Imperial Silver lining Children Of Bodom Downfall Hatebreeder Nuclear blast Dark Tranquillity Punish my heaven The gallery Osmose prod. Synthetic …

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