Playlist 01-02-2019

Lullwater Dark divided Voodoo
Self released
Forever Still Rewind Breathe in colours
Nuclear blast
Delain Masters of destiny Hunter’s moon
Within Temptation Endless war Resist
Imperia The scarred soul Flames of eternity
Eluveitie Ategnatos Ategnatos
Nuclear blast
Rage Of Light Fallen Imploder
Arrival Of Autumn The endless Harbringer
Nuclear blast
Fallujah Ultraviolet Undying light
Nuclear blast
From Sorrow To Serenity Alight Reclaim
Long branche
Soen Opponent Lotus
Silver lining
Wheel Where the pieces lie Moving backwards
Odyssey Music Network
Indestructible Noise Command Fist go rek Terrible things
Self released
Insanity Alert Why so beerious 666-pack
Season of mist
Insanity Alert The ballad of slayer 666-pack
Season of mist
Death Is Death Boss death Death wears suit
Mosh-Pit Justice Bound to decay Fighting the poison
Punishment 18
Overkill Last man standing The wings of war
Nuclear blast
Children Of Bodom This road Hexed
Nuclear blast
Dust Bolt Bloody rain Trapped in chaos
Flotsam And Jetsam Recover The end of chaos
Damnation’s Hammer Deathcraft Unseen planets, deadly spheres
Self released
Misery Index New salem Rituals of power
Season of mist
Sodom Partisan Partisan ep
Witherfall Moment of silence A prelude to sorrow
Century media

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