VAN HALEN bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, who joined CREED and ALTER BRIDGE guitarist Mark Tremonti’s solo band in late 2012 for touring purposes and also appears on that band’s sophomore album, “Cauterize”, has been sitting out TREMONTI’s tour schedule because of commitments with VAN HALEN.

Asked by the “Robb’s MetalWorks” show earlier this month if there is a chance Wolfgang will rejoin TREMONTI on the road, Mark said (see video below): “It’s totally up to him. I think they just finished the VAN HALEN tour last week, and he’s working on an album of his own — like his own project. That will probably take precedence over this while he’s doing that, but I’m sure when he’s not doing that and has… Whenever he wants to throw with us, he’s got that opportunity. He’s kind of probably in my same situation… I’ve got ALTER BRIDGE and TREMONTI. Now he’s gonna have that band and this band, so whenever the schedules match up, we’ll be touring. But Tanner Keegan’s out with us, and he’s been killing it. The fans love him.”

Added TREMONTI guitarist Eric Friedman: “Tanner, actually, we know him from Orlando from about ten years ago. I was in a band called SUBMERSED, and we were all around these guys, ALTER BRIDGE. And there was a band called ENDORPHIN. They were like a local Orlando band and we just were obsessed with them. We’d go to their little tiny practice pad and just watch these guys and hang out with them. So, yeah, we’ve always admired his talent. He’s a great singer too.”

“Cauterize” was released on June 9. The CD follows up TREMONTI’s 2012 debut, “All I Was”, and is the first of two new albums that TREMONTI has recorded. The second, called “Dust”, will be out next year.

Tremonti’s other band, ALTER BRIDGE, released its last studio effort, “Fortress”, in 2013 and will get to work on album number five later this year.

Source: Blabbermouth

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