WARRANT Is ‘Talking To’ Producer MICHAEL WAGENER About Next Studio Album

WARRANT guitarist Joey Allen was interviewed for the latest episode of the “Thunder Underground” podcast. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below.

Asked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band’s follow-up to the 2011 album “Rockaholic”, Allen said: “We’re working on it right now. Everybody’s got home studios. Everybody’s got ideas floating out there. There’s a big suppository… or depository… I guess it wouldn’t be suppository, would it? That would mean our songs are up our ass. There’s a big depository of music ideas from Jerry [Dixon, bass], Erik [Turner, guitar]. I’ve got a few in there, Robert’s [Mason, vocals] got a few. We’re waiting until this tour kind of winds down to really dig in. And probably turn out about ten good rock songs, do a full-length record. 2016, maybe in the spring, it will be out. We’re looking for a producer. We’ve been talking to Michael Wagener, who did [1992’s] ‘Dog Eat Dog’. Schedules are crazy. You wouldn’t think people are still busy, but Michael’s busy up through May of next year. So we’ll see what we can do. We love Michael. He’s a greta guy to work with.”

Regarding whether it still makes sense for a band like WARRANT to make a new studio album as opposed to just continuing to perform live, WARRANT guitarist Erik Turner told rock journalist Mitch Lafon: “I think it does make sense to do it — not because, ‘oh, we’re gonna have a gold record and make a bunch of money.’ It makes sense just in keeping the band in a more… I don’t know what the word is I’m looking for. It’s a marketing tool… Yeah, a new CD would be a great marketing tool, story to talk about WARRANT and keep our name out there. And, of course, we love making new music. We had a blast when we finally made ‘Rockaholic’; it was a great experience, and we’re really proud of that CD. As far as musically being satisfied, Jerry and I started a company called Down Boys Music and we have a group of composers. Of course, Jerry is one of the composers, as well as I, and we’re writing constantly and recording constantly for different television programs. So we’re getting to play our guitars and create music weekly. And hearing them on different TV shows is gratifying as well. So, as far as playing and keeping our chops up, we’re constantly … Between touring and writing and recording at home for television, [we’re always doing something].”

At the helm for “Rockaholic” was mega-producer Keith Olsen (OZZY OSBOURNE, WHITESNAKE, SCORPIONS), while the mixing duties were handled by Pat Regan (KISS, DEEP PURPLE, TED NUGENT).

Former WARRANT singer Jani Lane suffered from “acute ethanol poisoning” when he died in August 2011 at a Comfort Inn motel room in Woodland Hills, California. The singer had battled alcoholism for years and also had a history of alcohol-related arrests.

Lane originally left WARRANT in March 1993 but rejoined the band in September 1994. The group went on to record the “Ultraphobic” (1995), “Belly To Belly” (1996) and “Greatest & Latest” (1999) albums and issued and collection of covers, “Under The Influence”, in 2001. Jani quit WARRANT again in 2004 before reuniting with the group four years later.

Source: Blabbermouth

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