VINNIE PAUL Makes Cameo In Sock Puppet Parody Of PANTERA’s ‘Walk’

Sock Puppet Parody, which pays tribute to iconic bands and glorifies their undergarments, has posted a video for the sock-puppet act HAMPTERA’s song “Walk” which hilariously parodies PANTERA’s song of the same name. Check it out below.

Get folding hostile in the sock pit with HAMPTERA as they tell the story of a disgruntled sock that has lost its grip.

Lead singer Footup In-Sock-Mo bursts at the seams with foot-chaffing lyrics such as: “With each step I slip off of your heel” and “Is there no elastic anymore?”

Setting the mood for a cowboy from smell that rises only to fall and cause a vulgar display of discomfort to its wearer. You’d better walk on toes, boy.

The video features a small army of puppeteers as well as a cameo from PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott himself.

Sock Puppet Parody previously released videos for “Master Of Sock Puppets” which was based on METALLICA’s classic 1986 track “Master Of Puppets”, and “Wait In Bleach”, parodying SLIPKNOT’s “Wait And Bleed”.

Source: Blabbermouth

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