Video: SLAYER/EXODUS Guitarist GARY HOLT Performs Inside Wrestling Ring

SLAYER and EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt was the special musical guest at the U.S. opening of the “Exotrash” metal and wrestling extravaganza from Carlos Martinez’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Wrestling Bash on Sunday, March 27 at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, California.

“Exotrash” has been shown in Germany and other European countries since 2003. The local host was El Brujo of BRUJERIA, with musical accompaniment by his GORE-CHESTRA (Pacific Coast Unit, featuring Bill Hudson on guitaar, Damien Rainaud on drums, Robert Madrigal on bass and John Hatfield on guitar).

Martinez, creator and organizer of the Wrestling Bash, told LA Weekly he had been trying for years to bring the show to the United States. “It has taken such a long time to bring this event overseas because of production costs, which are very high,” he said. “We have been playing in Germany for now over 10 years; it’s our main market. But the tour has also played in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Austria and Belgium.”

Martinez decided to debut his event in Los Angeles after considering “offers from many other cities in North America.” He explained: “Los Angeles was the only one who wanted to pay for the production. The promoter was blown away and went above and beyond to make this happen.”

Martinez described the Rock ‘N’ Roll Wrestling Bash music as “blues-rock, hard, shock rock and heavy metal. Imagine AC/DC meets ALICE COOPER and GWAR at a MEGADETH show.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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