Video: PAUL STANLEY Sings THE MIRACLES Classic ‘The Tracks Of My Tears’

KISS frontman Paul Stanley’s latest solo project, an R&B band called SOUL STATION, made its live debut on September 11, 2015 at West Hollywood, California’s The Roxy Theatre. The ten-piece band also features KISS drummer Eric Singer.

Professionally filmed video footage of SOUL STATION performing the Smokey Robinson and THE MIRACLES classic “The Tracks Of My Tears” at The Roxy can be seen below.

Stanley recently told the nationally syndicated program “Uncle Joe’s Garage” about his new band: “SOUL STATION is a 13-piece band of people who are really like-minded — top-shelf people who have played with Smokey [Robinson], Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, John Mayer… the list goes on and on. And, really, what we do is recreate note for note all the great music that is part of, certainly, my foundation. Sometimes it gets overlooked at this point, because people are being spoonfed crap.”

He continued: “Look, I don’t wanna talk about, ‘Oh, the music was so great back then,’ ‘cause this isn’t music that necessarily people would expect me to have an affinity for. But the music that we’re hearing nowadays that kind of gets passed off as soul or R&B is just a beat on a computer and somebody doing a nursery run that’s been tuned, you know, pre-tuned. It’s just a different world. And when you hear the FOUR TOPS, or your hear THE SPINNERS, STYLISTICS, DELPHONICS, TEMPTATIONS, SMOKEY [ROBINSON] & THE MIRACLES. That music is amazing and timeless.”

According to Stanley, race shouldn’t be a factor in the way people listen to music. He said: “Great music is made by all nationalities. And certainly SOUL STATION, the cool thing is it’s multi-national, and well it should be. I mean, you should be able to close your eyes and not know who’s making the music. It’s either good or it’s not good.”

He went on to say: “Look, as a kid, I was lucky enough to see Otis Redding, I saw Solomon Burke, I saw THE TEMPTATIONS. And those people had the good. I’m always kind of… I laugh when I hear some of the local talent being interviewed when they come through town to do concerts and they say, ‘Well, you know, we sing along with tracks and stuff, because you can’t dance and sing.’ Well, James Brown did it. THE TEMPTATIONS did it. THE SPINNERS did it. If you can’t sing and dance at the same time, it’s ‘cause you probably can’t sing.”

Regarding his future plans for SOUL STATION, Stanley said: “What I’d love to do is do some new music with the band and I’d also like to do a live CD, ‘cause we’ve recorded everything, and, quite honestly, it sounds as good as anything done in a studio. You can’t go wrong with the people that I’ve got in this band. When you’ve got three great back-up singers, when you’ve got three great horn players. The pedigree of everybody in the band… I’m the mutt, but I hold up my end.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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