Video: FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Performs In San Francisco

Fan-filmed video footage of FLOTSAM AND JETSAM’s December 18 performance at Slim’s in San Francisco, California as part of DEATH ANGEL’s second annual Christmas show can be seen below.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM singer Eric “A.K.” Knutson told From Hero To Zero this past summer about the band’s forthcoming follow-up to 2012’s “Ugly Noise”: “The new record has songs that sound like they came from the ’80s, some songs that sound like they came from the middle of our career, and some songs that sound like they’re brand new, and they’re all on one record together. So it’s kind of difficult to come up with a concept or a name for it. So we’re not quite sure what we’re gonna do there yet.”

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM last year parted ways with guitarist Edward Carlson and bassist Jason Ward and replaced them with Steve Conley and Michael Spencer, respectively. The band also recruited SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner after Kelly Smith left the group in November 2014 to focus on caring for his family.

Spencer stated about the new FLOTSAM AND JETSAM material: “There’s a great, old-school thrash vibe going on with the direction of the songs and what originally influenced the band, mixed with a little of what we like about today’s sound, in metal.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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