Video: DAVE MUSTAINE ‘Rolling’ In His Aston Martin Vanquish Car

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted a new video on Periscope, a live video streaming platform owned by Twitter, in which he can be seen driving around Franklin, Tennessee and grabbing some food in his Aston Martin Vanquish car.

Back in July 2014, Mustaine spoke to about his collection of cars, which includes a 2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S, a 2006 Bentley Continental GT, a 2006 Mercedes CLS500 and a 2010 Range Rover.

Mustaine, who says he worked as a full-time mechanic in Huntington Beach, California in his pre-METALLICA days, told the site about his Aston Martin: “I like the fact that I’ve got James Bond’s car and he doesn’t have my guitars, to be cheeky. But honestly, I think it’s a really sexy car, it’s got a lot of muscle, it’s really sleek, the interior is really comfortable.”

He added: “The only thing that I don’t like about it is it has so much horsepower that if you don’t know how to properly drive a car like that, you just end up spinning your wheels everywhere you go.”

Regarding his Bentley, Mustaine said: “It’s like you’re driving an aircraft carrier. It just feels big, really big, like when you see the cartoons and these guys who are getting these cars that are 30 feet long, that’s how it feels to me.”

He added: “You ever hear of the saying ‘happy wife, happy life’? It’s my wife’s car. We’ve got a fleet of these cars; we share. … I drive it more than she does, but que sera sera, right?”

Mustaine also spoke about the time he worked as a mechanic. “I went from being somebody who pumped gas, which was the inspiration for one of the first songs I ever wrote, ‘The Mechanix’, which is on our very first record,” he said. “It was also recorded by my previous band METALLICA, as the song called ‘The Four Horsemen’. Same song, different lyrics, just a teeny little bit.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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