Video: ANTHRAX Talks About ‘Sixth Member,’ Producer JAY RUSTON

When it came time for ANTHRAX to start the writing and recording process for the follow-up to 2011’s Grammy-nominated “Worship Music”, named one of the best metal albums of that year by countless media outlets, there was no doubt that the entire band wanted producer Jay Ruston there with them from the start. Ruston first worked with ANTHRAX during the final stages of “Worship Music”, but for this new album, he was been “in the room” every step of the way.

“He’s become an intregal part of our process, that’s for sure,” said ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian. “It’s cliche, but he really has become a sixth member.”

Added ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello: “Jay Ruston, he’s the ‘fifth Beatle.’ We call him the ‘fifth Beatle’ because Jay was with us from the beginning of the writing. It was very important to have him there, because, I think, Jay has a great ear for ANTHRAX. He has a great ear as a producer anyway. But he knows how to talk to us, and he’s really honest. ‘Nah…’ [Laughs] ‘That works better.’ And it’s easier that way, ‘cause sometimes you’re not sure. ‘What do you think? Which one’s better?’ Even in my bass stuff. He’s a bass player. So I’ll ask him, ‘Does this work? ‘Hmm… Try the other one. It’s better.’ And he’s honest. So Jay is definitely an ANTHRAX member at this point.”

In the video clip below, Ian, Bello, drummer Charlie Benante, singer Joey Belladonna and guitarist Jonathan Donais talk about Ruston’s invaluable contribution to the making of “For All Kings”, due out February 26 via Megaforce in North America and Nuclear Blast in Europe.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, ANTHRAX took their time in the studio recording “For All Kings”. The band recorded some 20 original songs, almost twice as many as they had ever brought into the studio in the past. In terms of how the new music sounds, Bello said, “The thing about ANTHRAX…we have this heavy, thrashy music and Joey’s powerful and melodic vocals. I love heavy music, but I also love melody, so the challenge is to blend them together so they sound like ANTHRAX. I think we’ve done a really good job of that on the new album.”

“For All Kings” will be available in Europe on the following formats:

* Boxset (including a digipack, picture-2LP, poster, card, slipmat)
* 2CD digipack (including a bonus live CD)
* 2LP (black vinyl in gatefold)

Nuclear Blast mailorder exclusive:

* Nuclear Blast boxset (including a digipak, poker cards, buttons, dice)
* 2LP (clear, blue, yellow vinyl in gatefold)
* CD + 2LP Bundle (CD+ black vinyl bundle)

“For All Kings” track listing:


01. You Gotta Believe
02. Monster At The End
03. For All Kings
04. Breathing Lightning
05. Suzerain
06. Evil Twin
07. Blood Eagle Wings
08. Defend/Avenge
09. All Of Them Thieves
10. This Battle Chose Us
11. Zero Tolerance

CD2 (Bonus Live CD)

01. Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
02. A.I.R.
03. Caught In A Mosh
04. Madhouse


Side A

01. You Gotta Believe
02. Monster At The End
03. For All Kings
04. Breathing Lightning

Side B

01. Suzerain
02. Evil Twin
03. Blood Eagle Wings

Side C

01. Defend/Avenge
02. All Of Them Thieves
03. This Battle Chose Us
04. Zero Tolerance

Side D

– Etched –

Pre-order “For All Kings” here.




Source: Blabbermouth

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