UFO To Release ‘Live Sightings’ 4-CD Box Set Of Vintage Live Performances

UFO shot across the ’70s night sky, all flashing lights and roaring engines, streaking through Japan and Germany (where they abducted 18-year old SCORPIONS guitarist Michael Schenker) before descending on the U.K. and eventually American shores with a series of brilliant hard rock singles, including “Lights Out”, “Too Hot To Handle”, “Doctor Doctor”, “Only You Can Rock Me” and many more now ubiquitous radio staples. Though Schenker would depart in 1978, the rest of the band, including founding members vocalist Phil Mogg, bassist Pete Way and drummer Andy Parker, alongside lead guitarist Paul Chapman, retooled their spaceship and carried on into the early ’80s dropping such influential classics as “No Place To Run”, “The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent” and “Mechanix”.

Now comes “Live Sightings”, a magnificent four-CD box set featuring vintage live performances from the early ’80s that finds Mogg and Co. blasting through highlights from those three crucial records such as “No Place To Run”, “Lonely Heart” and “We Belong To The Night”, and seamlessly blending them in with the group’s more well-known spawn. Boasting four CDs, each in its own mini jacket with printed inner sleeve, this extraordinary box set — due on February 5 via Cleopatra Records — also features a lavish 12″x12″ 16-page booklet with full color photos and extensive liner notes plus two carefully duplicated printings of vintage tour programs. There’s even a special bonus live LP from 1972 of the only known recordings of guitarist Larry Wallis (PINK FAIRIES, MOTÖRHEAD). Fans of UFO and early hard rock will not want to miss this incredible piece of music history.

Track listing:

Disc 1: Chicago 1980

01. Lettin’ Go
02. Young Blood
03. No Place to Run
04. Cherry
05. Only You Can Rock Me
06. Love to Love
07. Mystery Train
08. Doctor Doctor
09. Too Hot to Handle
10. Lights Out
11. Rock Bottom
12. Shoot Shoot

Disc 2: Chicago 1981

01. The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent
02. Only You Can Rock Me
03. Long Gone
04. Lonely Heart
05. Cherry
06. No Place to Run
07. Love to Love
08. Making Moves
09. Mystery Train
10. Too Hot to Handle
11. Lights Out
12. Rock Bottom
13. Doctor Doctor

Disc 3: St Louis 1982

01. We Belong to the Night
02. Let It Rain
03. Long Gone
04. No Place to Run
05. The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent
06. Only You Can Rock Me
07. Terri
08. Making Moves
09. Doing It All For You
10. Too Hot To Handle
11. Lights Out
12. Mystery Train

Disc 4: Cleveland 1982

01. We Belong To The Night
02. Let It Rain
03. Long Gone
04. The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent
05. Only You Can Rock Me
06. Terri
07. Doing It All For You
08. Too Hot to Handle
09. Lights Out

LP 1: Early Flight – 1972

Side A

01. Silver Bird
02. Galactic Love
03. C’mon Everybody
04. Boogie For George

Side B

01. Back In The USA
02. Mean Woman Blues
03. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
04. Johnny B. Goode


Source: Blabbermouth

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