Twelve Foot Ninja Unveil ‘One Hand Killing’ Video

Whatever you do, you might not want to ask the guys from Twelve Foot Ninja if they’ve been busy? But if you do, just be prepared from some pretty hilarious and involved answers. Just watch the band’s new video for “One Hand Killing” (seen above) to see what we’re talking about.

In the clip, the band members adopt unique identities and dialects as a band known as Ferret and the Sickos, just hanging outside the studio debating exactly how busy they’ve been, trying to outdo one another in their descriptions. Before they enter the studio, at the same time their alter egos in Twelve Foot Ninja come walking in. It turns out the two bands are rehearsing in rooms right next to each other, while “Prifry,” “Ded Leda Serkus” and “Nufin Mor” are reportedly taking up residence unseen in other parts of the studio.

In one room, you’ve got Twelve Foot Ninja all decked out in black delivering a pulse-pounding rendition of the song. In the other room, Ferrett and the Sickos are showing off their crotch gong, smooth tongue moves and hip thrusts. It’s a sight to behold. And as bizarre as that is, just wait for how the clip ends.

Twelve Foot Ninja are in the midst of working on a new album and they’ve launched a PledgeMusic site where fans can pre-order the disc, with the option to pick up other assorted Twelve Foot Ninja merchandise and experiences. Check out the site here.

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