Top 10 Korn Songs [Watch]

Korn started a musical revolution when they released their self-titled debut album back in 1994. Since then, they’ve continued to put out albums and evolve their sound with each one.

The band pioneered a sound dubbed ‘nu-metal,’ influencing scores of acts to follow. Singer Jonathan Davis‘ tense, rage-drenched vocals were exactly what millions of kids were looking for in the age of grunge. Korn’s duel guitar attack of Brian ‘Head’ Welch and James ‘Munky’ Shaffer brought the seven-string guitar to the forefront of music, crunching deep grooves in low registers and influencing metal’s future axemen. The band’s rhythm section is also one of nu-metal’s tightest, allowing Korn’s manic trudging to remain consistently strong.

Since the band burst onto the scene with a unique sound, they’ve released a wide swath of studio albums; 11 in total. So when we decided to pick our favorite Korn songs, we knew the task would be difficult, having 20 years of material to consider. So let’s get to it.

Check out our picks for the Top 10 Korn Songs in the clip above!

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