Three Days Grace Showcase Live Show in ‘Fallen Angel’ Lyric Video

Lyric videos are all the craze, but some bands offer a little more visually than just scrolling out lyrics in interesting fonts with their music. Three Days Grace chose to up the visual interest for their “Fallen Angel” lyric clip, making it partly a performance piece.

The band let the cameras roll during their appearance at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, and the clip features a bit of the pre-show sound check, the audience gathering outside the venue, and audio of Matt Walst introducing the track, as well as the performance itself.

“This song is about losing the people we love and wishing we could have been the ones to save them,” says Walst before the band launches into the song. And the lyrics appear on the screen, doing their best not to interfere with the action on the stage.

“Fallen Angel” is the fourth single off their Human album. It follows on the heels of the band’s singles “Painkiller,” “I Am Machine” and “Human Race.”

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