THEORY OF A DEADMAN Wants To Find Fans Injured In Club Incident

A large portion of the ceiling came crashing down during THEORY OF A DEADMAN’s show last Wednesday night (August 12) at the First Avenue club in Minneapolis. It was reported that three people were injured in the incident, and THEORY guitarist Dave Brenner told “HardDrive Radio” that the band wants to get in touch with them. “We know that there was a couple of fans that were taken to the hospital, and we’ve been trying to get in touch with them, actually, or trying to find out who they are,” he said, according to The Pulse Of Radio. “So we’re still trying to find out exactly, you know, how bad everybody was hurt and we don’t really know the details. So, you know, right now we’re all a little concerned just about, you know, making sure everybody’s okay and there’s not gonna be any long term effects.”

According to ABC affiliate KSTP, a 30-by-30-foot section of the ceiling collapsed over the balcony and DJ booth at the back of the dance floor at around 10 p.m. The collapse sent the band running from the stage and forced the evacuation of about 750 fans.

Two of the three injured fans were taken to a local hospital, but none of the injuries are said to be life-threatening.

A source told KSTP the collapse may have been caused by a leaky pipe that caused water to build up above the ceiling.

THEORY OF A DEADMAN has been on the road behind its 2014 album, “Savages”, and its recent acoustic EP, “Angel”.
Source: Blabbermouth

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