The Winery Dogs, ‘Hot Streak’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

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The Winery Dogs certainly know something about hot streaks. The band has been on one ever since they formed in 2012. And they’re looking to keep it going by exclusively premiering their latest video, “Hot Streak,” from the album of the same name, right here at Loudwire.

The clip is primarily a performance piece, though the trio of Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy do attempt to press their luck, navigating their way around a casino floor for a little gambling fun. Onstage, there’s no luck needed, just pure skill, as Sheehan and Portnoy deliver a truly funky vibe while Kotzen’s nimble guitar work and bluesy delivery on “Hot Streak” grab your attention.

Kotzen tells Loudwire, “During our 2015 USA tour leg we had some time off at a casino in the Midwest. Our video director, Vicente Cordero, was with us documenting our performances and one day he followed us with the camera while we were lurking around a casino. We saw the footage and thought it could tie in to a video for our song, ‘Hot Streak.’ The funny thing is when we got to the craps table, I was really playing! I bought in for like a grand or so, and my only focus was not losing and staying in long enough to get a chance to throw the dice for the video. Luckily, I ended up throwing the dice for what felt like 20 minutes (laughing) and making a bunch of numbers, eventually hitting the point which was a pretty nice payout for everyone at the table. You actually see us winning for real! It wasn’t staged. The entire table knew we were filming and at the very end when we all win you see the pit boss and stickman look into the camera and give the thumbs up! It was perfect timing.”

Sheehan adds, “We had our video director shoot us ‘bootleg style’ in a casino. There were cameras everywhere, but they didn’t throw us out. Richie put real cash down, and Mike and I cheered him on — he actually won! I dropped some cash at one point and it evaporated into the casino coffers. The song goes over so incredibly well live, we are happy to have it represented in a video for everyone to enjoy.”

“Hot Streak” can be heard on The Winery Dogs album of the same name. The disc is currently available to order via Amazon and iTunes. And look for the band on tour in Europe throughout the month, followed by dates in Japan and South America later this spring. See their full itinerary here.

In related news, frontman Richie Kotzen issued his first-ever professionally filmed DVD, titled Richie Kotzen Live, last fall. Kotzen just made the video available for streaming on his YouTube site. If you like what you see, the Richie Kotzen Live DVD is available for purchase here.

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