THE UNGUIDED: Lyric Video For New Song ‘The Worst Day (Revisited)’

THE UNGUIDED — the Swedish band featuring former SONIC SYNDICATE members Richard Sjunnesson (vocals), Roland Johansson (vocals) and Roger Sjunnesson (guitar; Richard’s brother) — will release its new album, “Lust And Loathing”, on February 26, 2016 via Napalm Records.

The official lyric video for the CD’s first single, “The Worst Day (Revisited)”, can be seen below.

Says Richard Sjunnesson: “This song broadcast a little different angle of THE UNGUIDED; with its punky verses and drop-dead ‘death metal’-tasting features, it tosses us straight into uncharted grounds in terms of our sound. Obviously, it still manages to capture that trademark hooky chorus dynamics of the band, and it’s delicately underlined by a beautiful piano melody. Lyrically, it’s very open hearted and exposed. If you want it more up close and personal, you’d actually have to undress us. Perfect example of what’s to come on ‘Lust And Loathing’!”

Once you get past the harsh melodic death metal exterior, epic clean vocals and catchy keyboard tones await. Dynamic and strong songwriting with that special Scandinavian massive production and delicate guitar solos turn “Lust And Loathing” into the best gem the band’s discography has to offer.

Comments Richard Sjunnesson: “Sitting on the new songs for what felt like a lifetime and finally get[ting] to shed some light on what’s to come from camp THE UNGUIDED is a sensation on its own.

“This is the last part of an album trilogy that’s been in the making for six years, and what a climax it is indeed. Expect the unexpected! We poured everything and more into this one.”

“Lust And Loathing” track listing:

01. Enraged
02. The Worst Day (Revisited)
03. King Of Clubs
04. Heartseeker
05. Photobs Grip
06. Black Eyed Angel
07. Operation: E.A.E.
08. Boneyard
09. Hate (And Other Triumphs)
10. Mercy (bonus track)
11. Judgment (bonus track)
12. Betrayer Of The Code (live)

Photo credit: Patric Ullaeus

Source: Blabbermouth

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