THE SWORD: Win ‘High Country’ Bundle Courtesy Of RAZOR & TIE

To celebrate the release of THE SWORD’s new album, “High Country”, Razor & Tie is hosting a contest featuring the following prizes:

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive:

* “High Country” 2xLP Vinyl, CD, and T-Shirt

Three (3) Runner-Up Winners will receive:

* “High Country” CD

The contest is open to visitors from the United States only. By entering, you are agreeing to receive e-mails from Razor & Tie. The giveaway is hosted and operated exclusively by Razor & Tie Direct LLC. BLABBERMOUTH.NET and Fixion Media are not responsible for any collection of entrants’ personal information. Winners will be selected randomly and notified via e-mail.

To enter, click here.

“High Country” was released on August 21 via Razor & Tie. Recorded in Austin, the CD was produced by Adrian Quesada and mixed by J. Robbins.

In a brand new interview with AllMusic, guitarist/vocalist John D. Cronise stated about THE SWORD’s directional shift on “High Country”: “With any kind of stylistic change, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There’s going to be your old fans who are going to hate anything that sounds different, but at the same time, if we were to have consciously tried to write an album that was going to please our old fans, then that really wouldn’t have been very genuine for us as musicians. You have to pick your poison on that one, and for us, just writing an album that we think people are going to want to hear, that wasn’t an option for us. We had to do what we needed to do, and some of the old fans aren’t going to be on board, but hopefully some people that haven’t given us a chance before will listen to us with new ears, perhaps.”

Asked if he was more scared or excited to see how people react to the new material, Cronise said: “For me, it can’t have happened any other way. If we had played it safe and delivered the album that was expected of us, that definitely would not have been nerve-wracking, necessarily, but it is in its own way. You wonder if people are going to think it’s boring, so that’s the risk you run with not trying something different. I’m not really nervous about what will happen; change is something I’m pretty comfortable with and I think is pretty essential to life in general. It’s just an inevitable part of evolving as a band.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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