The Ghost Inside Offer Updates on Recovery Nearly Two Months After Bus Crash

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The Ghost Inside still continue to heal up after suffering serious injuries in a bus crash. Vocalist Jonathan Vigil, guitarist Zach Johnson and drummer Andrew Tkaczyk have all recently offered updates on their individual recoveries.

Jonathan Vigil actually just sent out his first tweet since the Nov. 19 bus accident which left two drivers dead. Vigil details his injuries, but proclaims his fighting spirit:

On Jan. 11, Zach Johnson wrote on Twitter announcing he was about to undergo his eighth surgery. He’s hoping eight is enough and that he won’t have to go under the knife yet again:

As for Andrew Tkaczyk, he’s still in the hospital as well. On Jan. 7, he sent out a picture via Instagram showing fans the view from outside his room:

During the holidays, Funko actually sent Andrew a bunch of awesome toys to see him through his recovery:

The incredible GoFundMe page set up for The Ghost Inside’s medical bills has just exceeded its overall goal of $150,000. However, you can still donate at the page if you choose. Another way to directly aid the band members is to buy their music. Epitaph Records announced they’d be giving the band all proceeds from record sales for the foreseeable future.

The Ghost Inside Thank Fans for Standing By Them After Bus Crash Tragedy


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