TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION To Release ‘Dark Side Of Black’ Album In April

After reaching a new level of recognition with their last album “Ride On” and a position on the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, gritty southern metal four-piece TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION is back with its fourth full-length album, “Dark Side Of Black”, due on April 22 via Carved Records.

Embracing southern roots while exploring a heavier sound than ever before, “Dark Side Of Black” achieves a murky, groovier feel while not straying too far from TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION’s tried-and-true brand of rugged outlaw rock. The CD was recorded at Boot Hill Studio in Corinth, Texas and Valve Studios in Dallas, Texas with producer Sterling Winfield (PANTERA, HELLYEAH, DAMAGEPLAN).

‘Dark Side Of Black’ is our heaviest album to date for sure,” states TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION vocalist Big Dad Ritch. “We’ve learned a lot having made four full-length albums prior. We’re trying to use that knowledge we learned to make an album that can maintain what ‘Ride On’ and ‘Peacemaker’ bring to the table, yet we wanted it to lend itself more to the power that is the red dirt metal of ‘Rollin” and ‘Pride Of Texas’. So it feels like ‘Pride’ meets ‘Peacemaker’. Top-shelf TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION meets bottom-shelf liquor…”

Although the members of TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION are experts at their trade, recording “Dark Side Of Black” wasn’t easy at times. TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION drummer Timmy Braun went through a physical struggle while recording the album, having just recovered from a serious infection shortly beforehand. He feels, perhaps, that this struggle influenced his recording style overall.

“About ‘Dark Side Of Black’, I have never had such a difficult time completing an album in my life,” begins Braun. “I say that because my first session I had just got out of the hospital. It was difficult for me to walk let alone play a drum kit. After being in bed for literally two weeks, I felt a bit out of shape. Then for the second session, my hand was swollen to almost twice its size because of an injury! I couldn’t make a fist, let alone play a drum kit. However, I’m hoping the vibe I was able to create will have a special flavor that I wouldn’t have been able to offer had my life been in order, per se. In other words, tough times make for better art!”

Guitarist Cord Pool adds: “Between tweaking our writing style and being influenced by personal things, ‘Dark Side Of Black’ leads the listener a step closer to the darker and heavier side of what we have to offer.”

“Dark Side Of Black” track listing:

01. Angel Fall
02. Come Get It
03. Dark Side
04. Gods Are Angry
05. Hit It
06. Into The Wall
07. Knee Deep
08. Rise
09. Shakin’
10. Villain

Source: Blabbermouth

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