STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Joined By Fan On Stage In Charlotte (Video)

A fan jumped on stage during STONE TEMPLE PILOTS‘ set at the Weenie Roast in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 12 while the band was performing the track “Interstate Love Song”. The fan attempted to sing the song with STP frontman Chester Bennington and briefly danced, and then collapsed. He quickly picked himself back up before Bennington addressed the crowd.

“This is a crazy motherfucker right here,” the singer said. “I’ve never seen a motherfucker jump on stage and hang out, sing, fall backwards, and still be standing here. Congratulations, brother.”

Bennington revealed in a recent interview with A-Sides that STONE TEMPLE PILOTS considered changing its name after it dismissed singer Scott Weiland and began working with Chester in early 2013. Bennington explained: “We did talk about maybe changing the name of the band, and just doing something new. Honestly, my thing was like, why give up what you guys have worked so hard on? This is your legacy, you don’t have to give it up just because one person didn’t do things the way that everybody wanted them to go, didn’t do things everybody planned. We should be able to move forward.”

Bennington continued, “I mean, where is the music coming from in the first place? There’s no question when you hear the new music that it’s STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. Why? Because it’s coming from the guys who write the music. It’s coming from the source. So, when the source is there, then it’s still pure.”

Bassist Robert DeLeo told The Pulse Of Radio not long ago that keeping STP going after changing frontmen was never in question. “From the beginning, it wasn’t ‘Hey, let’s together and write a song’ or ‘Hey, let’s get together and do this show.’ It was ‘Hey, let’s get together and continue STONE TEMPLE PILOTS with a lot of integrity,'” he said. “That’s really what the intent was. It’s something that Eric [Kretz, drummer] and Dean [DeLeo, guitar] and myself have worked at for a long time, and we’ve been trying to hold up the whole integrity of this band for a long time.”

STP dismissed Weiland in February 2013, claiming that his erratic behavior held back the band’s career. The two parties exchanged lawsuits which have since been settled.

STP recruited Bennington that spring and have so far cut one EP, “High Rise”, with the LINKIN PARK singer. A new album is due out in early 2016.

Source: Blabbermouth

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